HOWTO: Small Mail Server with Salt, Dovecot and OpenSMTPD

Update: Sadly OpenSMTPD version 5.4.4 on FreeBSD broke the passwd table, I’m checking the Gills to get this fixed.

I’m a big fan of Postfix and have been using it for years, but also find it to be an overkill for some of my servers. I don’t want to have to install Postfix on my DNS management server just to send change notifications. Sendmail was good for that for a while, but I hated the configuration language. Then I read that the OpenBSD maintainers switched to OpenSMTPD as their default MTA, so I decided to give it a shot.

It turned out to be a very nice piece of software; Small, fast, stable, and very easy to customize, no more ugly m4 macros to deal with :D. Now I have a Salt formula that installs OpenSMTPD, configures it to auto-start, and disables Sendmail. I use that for all non-mail servers for report and notification emails.

Using Your Own Router with the New @orangejo Modem

JEPpJ0BzOrange has been pretty much the only option if you wanted to get wired home Internet here in Jordan. Others are starting to come, but for now, Orange is the only one with nation-wide coverage.

I’ve had a lot of problems with them in the past, but ever since they switched to FTTC the connection has been as advertised. It’s stable, fast, and well worth the trouble of installing a land line which is always handy when you need it. If you face an issue you will have to battle with their support staff, but I’ve found that it’s loads better than their competitors; I was a victim of one of their competitors’ Wi-MAX service once, the service was not only bad, one of their support staff actually yelled at me during a support call. So you can imagine how happy I was when I finally got connected to the FTTC network.